Digital Impressions are Fast, Accurate and Pain-Free with the 3M™ True Definition Scanner

Glen Oaks Dental Now Offers Digital Impressions with the 3M™ True Definition Scanner


Digital dentistry can often provide better patient care, and Glen Oaks Dental is proud to now offer digital impressions with the 3M™ True Definition Scanner. Accurate, fast and comfortable, the scanner captures a 3D “impression” or model of your teeth to help us produce better fitting restorations like crowns and bridges. Some of the benefits of digital impressions are:

  • Accurate and fast technology, creating an impression or mold of your teeth
  • A 3D model that will give a better fitting.
  • A video is created that shows all sides of your teeth and gums, in real time. You can also view the images as your dentist zooms in and out, rotating the image to get the best picture of your oral anatomy.
  • Assisting with the making of crowns, bridges, clear aligners, important restorations and teeth straightening
  • Comfortable scanning, gag reflex free
  • The digital technology shows up instantly on our monitors for your dentist, as well as for your knowledge as well. Feel free to ask questions!

How does it work? We simply move the scanner around the area being treated, capturing video of all sides of the teeth and gums. You can watch the 3D model of your teeth appear on the monitor in real time. When the scan is complete, we can review, zoom in or out, and rotate the image to get a true picture of your oral anatomy, so you can ask questions and better understand what’s being done. The impression is then sent to a dental laboratory to produce the restoration or aligner. Once the restoration or aligner is complete, we will seat the traditional or implant crown or bridge.

With digital dentistry from the 3M™ True Definition Scanner, getting accurate impressions of your teeth is fast and comfortable. Call us to learn more and schedule an appointment today!

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  • "I had a good experience again. I felt the hygienist did an excellent cleaning, seemed very knowledgeable, and was very pleasant. Dr. Bejarano is always friendly but professional. Although I only have come here the past year, I feel the difficult work that needed to be done was done well and my mouth feels good."
  • "Very satisfied! You guys are awesome! You have treated my mom with such dignity, gentleness, and respect. You are always on time and often early. You explain to both her and me exactly what procedure you will be doing. Thank you so much."
  • "Excellent experience. Everyone was friendly and professional."
  • "I would tell others about them. Everyone is so nice and friendly there. I have had good relationship with them. My husband has had a lot more work done there and he hasn't had any complaints."
  • "It was wonderful to be able to come in at night. Thanks to the office staff, hygienist and doctors who stay late and give of their time. It is appreciated. I have never found a more caring and professional staff than at Glen Oaks dental. Thanks for doing what you do. See you in six months."
    Andrew Jurek