Intraoral Camera

Our office uses a high-quality intraoral camera for taking close up pictures in the mouth.  This allows us to show areas of concern (before and after treatment plan) or smile evaluation.

We also use the camera to document intraoral abnormalities that we wish to follow and monitor.  We can print photos for a specialist to review if needed.

Having the intraoral camera is an invaluable tool for educating our patients about the condition of their mouth.

Diagnodent (Laser Detection of Caries)

There are times when dental decay can’t be positively diagnosed clinically or radiographically.  The diagnodent is a very accurate method (over 90%) that allows us to diagnose hidden decay in deep grooves and pits. There is no x-ray exposure and it is fast and painless.  By detecting cavities early we can treat the area conservatively, thereby saving tooth structure.

Digital X-Rays

We currently use digital x-rays for intraoral and panoramic images.  There are many benefits to using digital systems.  Digital systems typically reduce radiation by 75% or more compared to traditional film.  They eliminate the need for film and processing chemicals.  This is much better for the environment.

The x-rays are viewed on the computer, which allows us to enlarge and review for our patients.  There is no waiting period for the x-rays to be processed.

It is quick and easy to print or copy the digital x-rays.  This is very useful when submitting to insurance companies and to a specialist’s office.

Digital Impressions

Glen Oaks Dental is proud to now offer digital impressions with the 3M™ True Definition Scanner. Accurate, fast and comfortable, the scanner captures a 3D “impression” or model of your teeth to help us produce better fitting restorations like crowns and bridges.

Read more about the benefits of digital impressions on our blog.